These dynamic online drop in classes are for intermediate to advanced actors with a background of formal training or work who are looking to upkeep their skills and expand their craft. 

Each week you will be working on a scene that has been specifically curated for you from our extensive database of quality film and television scripts. These are two hander scenes from a broad spectrum of content that translate well to face to face screen conversations and offer you the opportunity to explore subtlety and detail in your work. 

In these classes we encourage you to approach the work as a professional, thoroughly preparing for your scene and doing the homework that will enable you to bring your best on the day. 

This is a safe supportive environment where we challenge actors to take risks, to go beyond what they thought was possible, to succeed or fail but ultimately grow as an actor. 

Spaces are limited so that each actor gets plenty of time to work in detail, receive feedback and be guided to deeper levels of character connection. 

We’ll be using zoom as a platform and technical guidance will be given to make the webcam format as efficient as possible. You will require a computer and reliable internet connection for this class. 

With nearly 20 years of professional acting experience, Timothy Knightley (The Crown, Hanna, Bodyguard, Gomorrah) brings his wealth of knowledge and passion to these classes that will inspire and empower any performer looking to fearlessly tap into the truth of a character.